Some notes on Juniper Hill

Juniper Hill is a small village between Brackley and Bucknell. (See map here).  The dance style is 'sort of' a cross between the Fieldtown and Brackley Cotswold traditions.

One of our founder members, Jon Hooton, learnt it at one of  Roy Dommett's  Wantage instructional weekends. The figures for the dances are:  Foot up, Into Line, No Hands Around, Rounds, Hey & Long Crossover. (Not necessarily exactly in that order!)

Originally there were four dances for which Roy Dommett gave the tunes:- (See Roy Dommett's Cotswold morris notes)

Cottisford Church - Originally to the tune of 'Seek you first the kingdom of God'.  We have replaced this with 'Enrico', allegedly Thomas Hardy's  favourite tune.

Country Gardens - A tune to a song popular some years ago.

Oyster Girl - Well known jig (See Michael Raven's 1000 English Country Dance Tunes book)

The Ninety Five - Tune also known as 'John of Paris' also in Michael Raven's book. The tune was a regimental march (long Fieldtown). Apparently  Roy Dommett had a 'thing' about regimental marches being good to dance to.

We have added:-

Bungay Roger - A dance we made up in the style of....  to an old Suffolk folk song tune.

It is said that the dances were originally composed in honour of  Flora Thompson  a prolific writer, who was born in Juniper Hill in 1876 and wrote 'Lark Rise to Candleford' among many other literary works.

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